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WordSlingerThe kid hit Big Town in ‘67And figured he’d died and gone to heavenSans cravat and his duds in disorderThey made him a newspaper reporter.So for decades he chased after fire trucksCajoled cops; sucked up to mucky mucksEven took a few rides on Air Force OneWith good old straight shootin’ Ronald Reagan.After Forty years wrangling rhetoricFor the spawn of old Colonel McCormick.He’s just an old cowhand from State and GrandA goy cowboy he’s making one last stand.Winking his good eye he bids big town goodbyeAnd points his truck back home toward the big sky

Rants and Life Story

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Buffalo Nickel-Official pocket coin of

The Collected works of James Harry coates

My First Love, A 1940 F0rd C0nvertible

Artemisia tridentata ssp. wyomingensisOfficial sagebrush of

Desert Dust, official mustang of

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Flappin' in Manhattan--Martin Lewis' drawing makes me wish I were living in the 1920s

I just like the way Nanci Griffith(Official Folksinger of says "A little bit Short"

Why, oh Why Did I Leave Old Wyiming?

Official Indian Fighters of





Why Roy Lichenstein Painted?

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