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Ma Bell's Defunct

Ma Bell's defunctThat God-damned InternetScrewed us all, didn't it?Everything went kerplunk Quicker 'n you could say "Ma Bell's defunct." From dingy Gumby mouse padsTo gleaming streaming iPads Hi-fi, Wi-fi, Sci-fiWatch the time fly.Back in the fog of 300 baud analogGoogle was a comic stripand Dick Tracy was high tech.We cupped rubber modemsOver bulletproof Bakelite phonesand went online to the the twitter tweet of data tonesYou were never alone when you heard that modem moan.Quicker than you can say "Ma Bell's defunct"The revolution was on the tablewe moved to broadband fiber glass cable,Through-put so fast you got the answerbefore you Googled the question. Yes sir,When Google became a verb the old media hit the curb Hi-fi, Wi-fi, sci-fi shoo-fly, fly-by, oh my!Change, they say can be disruptive.Nay. This wretched Web is consumptive.To be or not TB. TV streams freelyAlmost, as Arthur C. Clarke said, magically.King Content trumps the merely competent.King Arthur! Camelot. Spam-a-lot. What rot!Shoofly, drive by Sci-Fi. Semper Fi.Whatcha doin' Marshall McLuhan?You gave us one hell of a massage, no foolin'HipHop Bee Bop Content's on top.We'll pillage the Global village 'ere we stop.TV, synergy digital lycanthropy.Don't wolf your food sonny. Silly bunny.Hi-fi, Sci-fi Stir fry.Those who owned the barriers to entryFailed to post a sentry; got bangedby the gigabyte gang. Gigagangbanged.With the Main Stream Media floggedThe gigabyte gang tossed their grammar books and blogged.Orwell's inkwell blown to hell.Mai Lai, Semper Fi, Who knows why?Ma Bell's defunct.

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