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Photos West

Ambigram First name turned upside down is last name

Photos from Out West This Page

Chicago Storefronts

Outside Keensburg, Colo.

Graduation at Creighton U, Omaha, Nebraska

A nice November morning at Walcot Junction, Wyoming

Sundown, Wild Horses,Indians. Bison Skull, what more can you want?

A great big Western "Howdy" from the guys at the Trail's End in Riverton, Wyo

George Ferris' Mansion in Rawlins, Wyoming

Rustic Pines bar in Dubois, Wyoming

Best arrowhead I ever found. Red Desert, Wyoming

Riverton, Wyoming

The train doesn't acome here no more.

Crow Agency, Montana

Ferris Mountain across Seperation Flats, Muddy Gap, Wyoming

Driftwood in geyser run-off, Yellowstone National Park

Let's hope not.

Birthplace of James Harry Coates, Rawlins, Wyo

Rainbow the evening of the Big Thompson Flood. Colorado's worst natural disaster

Hell's Half Acre, Wyoming

Wind River Reservation, Wyoming

A cloudy afternoon outside Jackson, Wyoming

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