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Predator 'n Prey

Predator 'n Prey Look at me ma; I'm writing--spinning words into fluffy bales of tales Deft images that bring eye-watering truths: An eagle here soaring azimuth high riding sky Over there buzzing bundles of bugs, Insects whose tiny lives sadly parallel our own, Pathetic primates evolved to create God To ward off primal anti-survival fear. Look ma, Images mind numbing in their beauty: Doves wafting wings above gurgling springs Seeping the water of life into verdant clumps of moss, Rushing down the mountain side summoning walls of willows, Bastions of beaver dams Where trout ripples in flat twilight waters Bring hope to forests of tooth and claw, That there is something more than just the lust of the hunt. The loin jiggling joy of the chase The thrill of dead prey-blood dripping from one's chin The ecstasy of hunter howling The horror of hunted cowering We and they waiting until all be prey Our own blood dripping from the mangy muzzles Of rot stinking yellow-toothed predators. It will be thus. It must. Else that same blood Will just drain unused into the dust After one expires of "natural causes."

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